About Us

Our Client Value Promise

We’re with you You are our focus. Your success is what drives us. We’re not a transactional, smile and invoice type of business. We care deeply about the goals you want to achieve and the challenges that you’re facing
Talk StraightBecause we’re with you, we don’t want to waste your time and money. We like to respectfully and directly get to the nub of the issue. If it needs to be said, we’ll say it.
Courageous CompassionWhether it’s you, one of your leaders or one of your teams- if there’s a psychological safety or well-being issue at stake, we’ll step up and advocate compassion and action.


The Metaphor

Why the gardening stuff?

Seedling CTS began life as Seedling Coaching & Training Services in 2007. The metaphor of the seedling is more than just one of "growing" leaders, sales professionals, or high performers, which is often used.

It relates to the process that is required to make these capabilities take root and thrive. You can plant seeds and if you do all the right things they will survive and prosper. Many seeds, however hard we try, can fail to germinate.

What will grow in this soil?
Are there any hidden rocks or irrigation issues?
Is there enough sunlight?

So, more often than not, we choose to plant seedlings: where an expert has selected the right seed for the right environment and nurtured it to a stage where it's chances of survival are significantly higher.

This is what Seedling CTS will do for you.
• We will evaluate the organisational landscape and help you choose the right capability set.
• We'll then cultivate the ideas and the skills in your people until they are ready to survive the inevitable challenge of application at work.
• Finally, we'll help you learn how to maintain and grow the skills after we've gone.

Our Approach

Combining a background in psychology, deep, practical business experience and performance, we create evidence based learning that engages and empowers. Seedling CTS employs a blend of interactive,
experiential and theatrical learning methodologies, such as role-play, interactive theatre, and peer coaching, as well as traditional facilitation strategies to create interventions. Based on Professor Albert Bandura’s understanding of the link between Self-Efficacy (confidence, personal agency and motivation) and skill uptake and execution, these methodologies that not only develop skills, but are build the confidence in the learner to apply the skills back at work. Self-efficacy is built through vicarious learning (e.g. Modelling, theatre), feedback and coaching (e.g. peer coaching and observation), mastery (role-playing, reflection, at-work assignments) and autonomic arousal (entertaining design,theatre, and role-play).


Seedling CTS combines recognised ICF coaching accredited coaching expertise, organisational psychology, theatrical performance training techniques, and deep business acumen gained through years of coaching over literally hundreds of individuals across Australia. Our coaching approach is centred on building coachee confidence and capability quickly for immediate application at work. Seedling CTS does not try to maintain long, expensive coaching contracts with its clients, and believes that real change can occur quickly once the individual, their leader, and the organisation’s goals are explicit aligned.