Coaching & 360 Solutions

Executive Coaching

Typically Seedling CTS employs the following structure to executive coaching engagements:

  • 90 Minute meeting consisting of a 30 minute alignment between coachee, coachee’s leader or HR representative and the coach to align intention and goals for the engagement, followed by a 60 minute coaching session between the coachee and the coach. At the end of this session the coachee determines whether they feel comfortable to continue the engagement.
  • Review call to confirm with leader/HR that coached wishes to continue
  • 2 60 minute coaching sessions over a 4 week period.
  • Review meeting with leader/HR to determine progress and either end engagement or book another 3 sessions.
  • 3 more sessions.
  • In the final session there is an additional 30 minute review meeting between coachee, coachee’s leader or HR representative and the coach to debrief outcomes

LMAP 360

Seedling CTS is an accredited provider of the internationally recognised LMAP 360 psychometric (used at the prestigious Yale and Harvard Executive Development Programs as well as Australian Business Schools such as the Melbourne Business School, and MGSM).

Based on the life work of imminent psychologist Dr Ronald Warren, author of the highly praised
“Personality at Work: The Drivers and Derailers of Leadership” and his team, LMAP provides a regularly validated and reliability tested instrument that offers true insight into personality traits and the impact on your teams, peers, customer and manager relationships.