I appointed Simon to assist with a change management program for company culture and skills coaching for senior, mid level managers and frontline sales over a 12month term. Simon ranks in the top 10% of consultants I’ve worked with in terms of expertise, delivery, results and redundancy. Simon is one of those consultants that I’ll always keep in my back pocket and until this endorsement, was one of my best kept secrets. Broadly, with the support of Simon’s expertise and execution, the results we delivered can be looked at in two parts. Firstly, there’s the cultural/workforce based improvements from senior to mid-management to frontline (things we’re doing better now and continuing to improve on) – clarity around vision, communication, collaboration, systems and processes,actions etc..etc.. And secondly, there’s the financial improvements which to date have exceeded my 30% sales growth target in retail cash sales over a short 9 month period (and might I add that this was during a time when the retail environment was and still is deeply wounded). When I next seek a first class consultant to assist with change management where the group is open and ready for some “positive” hard yards, Simon, expect my call.

Julian Costa,